Code of Practice

  1. Practitioners shall uphold the dignity and status of the Therapeutic Massage profession under all circumstances.
  2. Practitioners shall recognise an obligation towards the client at all times, and shall practice their profession to the best of their ability for the benefit of the client.
  3. Practitioners shall respect at all times the confidence of the client, and findings concerning the client’s health and private circumstances acquired during consultation and/or treatment shall not be divulged to anyone without the client’s consent except when required by law, or where failure to take account would constitute a menace or danger to the client or another member of the community.
  4. A practitioner shall not knowingly interfere with any ongoing treatment instigated by another Practitioner whilst the patient is under that Practitioners care.
  5. Practitioners shall maintain their premises in a clean, hygienic condition, and follow personal hygienic principles at all times.
  6. Practitioners will not participate in activities of a sexual nature in the course of giving therapeutic massage.
  7. Practitioners shall at all times be honest with members of the public in terms of advertising treatments they administer and fees charged for said services.
  8. Practitioners shall display this Code of Ethics in a prominent position for public viewing within their clinic at all times.
  9. This Code of Practice is subject to change without notice.
  10. Any person considering that the above Code of Ethics has been breached should address their complaint per e-mail