Garreth Williams hassles massage practitioners

Have just had this man in the clinic. Didn’t massage him and rang the police. Have just seen the beauty therapist next door also, who says he’s booked in for a wax, so is now targeting them too!!

Can you please send out more warning that this guy is around? His story this time was that he is disabled, has Downs Syndrome and is in the special olympics and that his support worker was supposed to be there and to pay. He wanted to make sure the pressure in his shoulders would be really deep and that i could massage his adductors (!) and feet.
I got suspicious once he explained that he got paid every 2 weeks and that we should invoice him. Also, since he is clearly overweight and not Downs Syndrome. He looks more like the hunchback of Notre Dame than Shrek, I reckon. Has one eye slightly bigger than the other. DOB 11-12-68.
Cheers Tess O’Toole