Garreth Williams aka Evans pestering massage therapists

Hi Edi

Just a warning to all that I had a booking made this morning from a Gareth Evans for a massage tomorrow morning.

Alarm bells rang at this name so I refered to the massage therapists site – and sure enough he has a new combination of his aka’s. Of course he gave the receptionist a bogus phone number. I have contacted the police who warned me that he is a nasty individual – towards women, obviously they couldn’t say too much.

Thanks to your website and the accounts that other therapists have sent in, it was helpful with identification when talking to the police – as I didn’t actually see or talk to him. I am working at the Recreation Centre (Gym) at Canterbury University. Please publish my email, I just spoke to the police again as I couldn’t get hold of this guy to cancel the appointment, to find out the best approach if he does show up.

They told me that he must have only recently come back to Christchurch – all current information they have on him is from Tauranga. I wanted to cancel the appointment and be honest and tell him that we are on to him and I will not have him as a client so he would get the idea that he is well known to us therapists but the police advised me to just say that we are fully booked or something – and not provoke him. Interesting.

So again Edi – thanks for the website. This is a good reminder to all to trust your instincts, as the receptionist only rang me because even though he didn’t say anything wrong he didn’t sound right.

Tracy Stewart