Myofascial Release Therapy Training

Myofascial Release Therapy is a very effective technique in creating powerful change in the body. These popular courses among hands on and movement therapists will change how you look at the body and how it functions.MT posterior neck 1 (111)

Participants will learn the anatomy and physiology of fascia, understanding that fascia is one continuous web of connective tissue that encases and connects everything in the body.

It wraps every bone, organ, muscle, blood vessel and nerve; and is involved with every action in the body right down to the cellular level.

Students will learn what causes fascial dysfunction resulting in restrictions, pain, range of motion limitations and strain in the body.

Benefits of the technique for specific medical conditions will be reviewed and the consciousness of each area will be addressed to provide better insight as to why clients have dysfunction in specific areas of the body.

The technique will be taught to address both the superficial and deeper myofascial layers. Continue reading Myofascial Release Therapy Training