Myofascial Release Therapy Training

Myofascial Release Therapy is a very effective technique in creating powerful change in the body. These courses will change how you look at the body and how it functions.MT posterior neck 1 (111)

Participants will learn the anatomy and physiology of fascia, understanding that fascia is one continuous web of connective tissue that encases and connects everything in the body.

It wraps every bone, organ, muscle, blood vessel and nerve; and is involved with every action in the body right down to the cellular level.

Students will learn what causes fascial dysfunction resulting in restrictions, pain, range of motion limitations and strain in the body.

Benefits of the technique for specific medical conditions will be reviewed and the consciousness of each area will be addressed to provide better insight as to why clients have dysfunction in specific areas of the body.

The technique will be taught to address both the superficial and deeper myofascial layers.

The Fundamentals

provides a solid base for understanding how to work with fascia on the head, neck, shoulders, low back, hips and abdomen.

Advanced Upper Body

builds on The Fundamentals and will cover advanced techniques for the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

In the Advanced Upper Body course treatment for common conditions will be discussed including headaches, TMJ disorders, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive strain injuries.

Advanced Lower Body

builds on The Fundamentals and will cover advanced techniques for the trunk, hips, legs and feet.

In the Advanced Lower Body course treatment for common conditions will be discussed including breathing issues, the effects of stress on the body, pain in the hips and low back, plantar fasciitis, ITBand syndrome and more.

The Fundamentals is a prerequisite for the Advanced Upper Body and Advanced Lower Body courses.  Videos are now available for each course!

There will be lots of hands on practice so participants will finish the workshop feeling confident to use the techniques with clients the next day. Students will feel comfortable educating clients on what myofascial release therapy is and how it can effectively address their health issues.

All MNZ members will earn 20 PD points for attending these workshops.  Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and chiropractors gain 14 hours for continuing education credits.  Members of NZ Register of Exercise Professionals earn 10 CPD points.

The Fundamentals

    – Introduction to Fascia
    – Head & Neck
    – The Shoulders
    – Trunk & Hips 


  • Wellington – 11th & 12th November, 2017
  • Auckland – 17th & 18th November, 2017

Advanced Upper Body

Advanced Head & Neck
    – Advanced Shoulders
    – Upper Arm & Elbow
    – Forearm, Wrist & Hand


Advanced Lower Body

    – Advanced Trunk
    – Advanced Hips
    – Upper Leg & Knee
    – Lower Leg & Foot


  • Auckland – 19th & 20th November, 2017

Cost for each course is $400 inc. GST

Instructorhead shot diplomas black top (10)

Beth Beauchamp was trained in the United States and holds a degree in Medical Massage Therapy.  She has been working with Myofascial Release Therapy since 2000 and training since 2008.  Beth is also a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

For more information or to register go to

Beth Beauchamp
027 3636 880