TIP 113 – ROM Hip Leg Length Inequality (LLI)

To check for Leg Length Inequality (LLI), align the legs at the ankles. The therapist stands at the foot end of the table and grabs both ankles so that the therapist’s thumbs are distal to the medial malleoli.

Then through gentle pulling the legs can be equalized, preferably without disturbing the position of the pelvis. If there is LLI the pelvis might be drawn downwards on the side with the shorter leg. Check that the ASIS are on a line perpendicular to the side of the table.

The ankles are then brought together medially so the therapist can see on his thumbs which one is higher (towards client’s head not as in off the table), htis will reveal the  shorter leg.

Check the levels of the ASISs in the horizontal plane. If one ASIS appears higher in the horizontal plane than the other (towards the client’s head and not off the table) this leg might be longer.

This test is not very exact. To get more accurate information on LLI an MRI has to be done.

Garreth Williams pesters massage practitioners in Christchurch

We had a horrid time last August with him. Today he phoned and I instantly recognized his voice and rhetoric. He asked for back and thigh wax from our beautician.

He gave the name Barry McLeod and when asked for a phone number gave 022 032 0688. I have yet to try to phone back but will do after the weekend to see what name he gives then, or ifs the number is active.

I had previously told him he could not attend our clinic as we had all female staff and Pegasus had issued a warning! Truly I never thought he would try again!

Robin K, CHCH