Do Not Massage This Man !!!

Practitioners Beware!!!

July 2011 roaming the Waikato, read below

He phoned a clinic in Lyttleton in June 2011 under the name Barry McLeod to book a full back & thigh wax. He had been into our premises and been abusive in August 2010.

After a brief stint in Tauranga Gareth McWilliams reared his ugly head in Christchurch again (Oct 2009).

An article had been written about him and was published in one of the issues of ‘Hands On’.

Read other practitioner accounts, search this site for Garreth Williams

Also known as:

  • Gerard Evans
  • Evan Thompson
  • Edward McWilliams
  • David Gareth Williams
  • David Williams
  • Barry McLeod
  • Pinn
  • David Thompson

Most of the names are not very imaginative and sometimes he doesn’t know them himself.

He has a history of booking massages (often under an assumed name) and not paying for them. Also booking massages and not turning up for them. I am also aware of a case of him behaving inappropriately toward a female. He has used different names in the past, presently has no contact phone number.

He sometimes claims that ACC will pay for it and has a record of not showing up for second appointments (if he shows for the first at all!).

He seems to seek out females rather than males, preferably some who work by themselves. The police has been alerted in a couple of cases where he made a booking, he did not turn up in the end.


Keep your fellow practitioners informed

Make sure your clients leave you a contact number and ring them back if you suspect a caller is not genuine.

What You Can Do

  • Always ask for a contact number and ring back if you are suspicious
  • Have somebody around
  • Ask for money in advance if it looks suspicious
  • Inform your fellow practitioners
  • Ring the police if he does not pay