Garreth Williams sighted in Motueka

In March I had an unfortunate and very educational experience with the infamous Gareth Williams. I’m sending some details that i thought might be good to send out.

After the February quake, Gareth Williams left chch and ended up here in Golden Bay. He hit quite a few practitioners in Motueka and a couple of us in Takaka. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to put two and two together! I treated him in my clinic, his behaviour wasn’t bad but he did have a creepy vibe and therefore was not given his requested adductor massage.
His story this time was that he had epilepsy. He refused to pay at the end of the session and proceeded to try to pressure me into writing a letter to winz as they would pay for it. To cut a long story short, i had him charged with obtaining by deception. The police were very helpful and of course already knew of him. He has repeatedly phoned me since then for no good reason and also questioned a fellow practitioner in Motueka via txt on weather she did ‘hand relief’.
The outcome of his court visit in nelson is that he paid and therefore has not been charged. Should he repeat offend in the next 12 months however he will be charged for the recent offences as well. This man has already served time for this and about a year ago was on a final warning again.
After I had him charged and he was on police bale conditions to not seek any more massage; he did exactly that a few days later. He can’t help himself, it is a compulsion.
Please everyone keep your eyes open for him and don’t book him in. However if you happen to get caught out, make sure you follow it up because it could finally lead to some resolution of this issue of his repeat offending.
Grace S, Motueka