Gareth Williams (aka David Gareth Williams…Gareth McWilliams) sighted in Ashburton

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Gareth Williams (aka David Gareth Williams…Gareth McWilliams).

Luckily alarm bells rang and I thought his story sounded familiar (he wanted a massage but that he was a mild epileptic and should he grab me while he was on the table, this was quite normal!!

I remember a conversation with two other therapists which sounded a lot like this). He said he had sore shoulders and neck from doing a lot of horseriding with the Riding for the Disabled, in fact his story sounded quite plausible.

A man fitting the same description was spoken to by Police in Fairlie recently for inappropriate behaviour towards a doctor and also earlier this week in Timaru.

I don’t know if you have seen him, but the description of him is “a smaller version of Shrek”. Quite fitting really.

Anyway, all the medical centres and physios and massage therapists here in Ashburton and Methven have been phoned and advised that he is in town, but just thought I would email you and let you know…in case you want to add it onto any of your newsletters.