Garreth Williams hackles massage therapists

Hi Edi

Was talking to Maria who receives your newsletter and she recommended I tell you that I’d had a client called David one week and Gareth the next!!

Now that I’ve had time to think about it, Karolina had sent me a warning about him a few years ago.

Anyway not a very pleasant experience. He asked for 1 1/2 hrs very deep tissue, my hackles were up the whole time. Had no money said he’d bring it next week as on a benefit.

Rang last Thursday to bring the money – calling himself Garath this time. Arrived gave me $25 wanting to pay rest later then to book another massage. Got a bit aggressive when I said this wasn’t suitable. I rang the contact nb he’ given me and got disconnected dial tone.

Rang the person whose name he gave me that recommened me.

She didn’t know him just gave my nb out. Anyway he is rather creepy and both my daughter and were upset by him. Maria says you’ve issued warnings about him. So thought I’d let you know – hope he doesn’t ring again but have feeling he’ll move on to the next therapist.