Garreth Williams – the bain of massage therapists

Hi Edi,
Well he’s back!
Gareth McWilliams booked an hour and a half appointment with one of our therapists two weeks ago. After she had spoken with him on the phone, she mentioned to me she had had a very bizzare conversation with a man and intuitively felt it wasn’t right. Straight away I thought of Gareth and told her the story.

I answered a call from the same man a day later wanting to reschedule for the following day, and was 100% sure it was Gareth, so I rebooked his appointment but told my therapist to book other clients in as Gareth will either not show or when asked for payment prior to his massage he will not pay….he didn’t show.
Years ago I had Gareth in for an hour and a half massage, and at the end of the session he produced a Work and Income form filled out with his details etc and said that I needed to ring them to organise payment. He booked an appointment for the following week and left.
I rang Work and Income but of course find they don’t do payments that way, so I rang the number Gareth had given me to talk with him and it was a false number. He actually turned up for the next appointment and when told that he wasn’t getting his massage unless he paid for last weeks and this one up front he got distressed and I asked him to leave which he did.
I have just spoken with the police about Gareth and they have asked me to come in to lay and formal complaint as they can look at it under fraud. Anyone who has had a similar experience with Gareth McWilliams and hasn’t emailed there story to Edi, please do! The more we have on this guy the better! It is time for it to end.