TIP 086 Setting up your Posture Analysis Grid (PAG)

PAGHere are a few tips for setting up your Postural Analysis Grid (PAG)

  • Look for an area on your wall which has sufficient space in front to provide room for you and your client.
  • Check whether the floor is level;  this is quite essential and should preferably be done with a spirit level.
  • Establish where you want to have the vertical middle of the PAG;
  • Above the expected upper margin of the chart suspend a plum line five centimeters off the middle of the chart (thin vertical line will go there;
  • Slip the PAG between wall and plumb line;
  • Fixate top left corner of PAG with pin
  • Align the thin vertical line just off the middle of your PAG with the plumb line to ensure accuracy;
  • Fixate top right corner and use pins along top margin of the PAG to secure it safely
  • Flatten PAG against the wall and pin it down;  use pins at least every 30 centimeters, especially if PAG is hanging close to door or window as draft might pull it off the wall.

For optimal results use your Postural Analysis Grid in conjunction with a plumb line, so you have reference points in front as well as behind your client.

You never thought it would be that easy did you?